You’re in the right place if you believe that women everywhere are craving in-person community and support, and you know that offering these experiences can be a valuable (and essential) part of your business model. I am obsessed with helping soulful entrepreneurs feel empowered to plan one-day retreats for busy women in their communities who are craving connection, support, and transformation.

My vision for retreats is accessible and doable, and I am all about breaking down the process so that you can get started TODAY. In 90 days (or less!) you could have your first successful retreat under your belt, confident that you now have a unique blueprint for planning your next one!

It’s time to stop holding yourself back. It’s time to dream bigger, claim your voice, and carve out a unique space for your business in the retreat landscape. Holding live events is the number #1 way to set yourself apart and position yourself as a leader in your field, and success is right here waiting for you – you just need to decide to snag it!

You can create soulful (and profitable) retreats that cultivate long lasting connection to your work and satisfy the cravings of your community.

It starts with you. It starts right now.

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Ready to jump into planning your first retreat DIY-style but want to make sure you’ve got a detailed enough roadmap? I can help with that.

Already knee-deep in all things retreat-planning, but feeling stuck on a few issues and need to strategize with someone who has been there, done that? I can help with that too.

Let me be your bridge - from overwhelm to awesomeness, from confusion to clarity, from “oh my goodness, why did I get myself into this?” to “I am a total retreat rock star!”

Together, we will tackle any concerns that are weighing you down and lift those heavy boulders right off of your shoulders. 

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Create a Vision

If you are having trouble with your overall vision, we will dive deep to uncover the heart, soul, and intellect of your event, outlining your clear vision and purpose. A clearly defined vision and purpose will drive all of the decisions you make while planning and executing your retreat - it is essential, and we will work together to make sure you have a strong foundation.

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Build a Power Team

Perhaps you are unsure how partners fit into your vision - you don’t know if you should do this thing solo or work with someone else (or a team!) I get it - no one wants to be the one who does all the work on a group project while everyone else gets the credit, right? And group work can be… awkward. But it can also be incredibly rewarding if you’ve got the right partners, and a system for working together. We will explore how you can find collaborative soul sisters who share your vision, and how to work together to build a retreat that takes all of your businesses to the next level.


Comprehensive Action Plan

Maybe the logistics feel overwhelming, like it’s all just too much to learn, organize, and manage. I hear that! In that case, we will map out your one-of-a-kind comprehensive plan of action, so you feel confident with the steps you need to take to plan your life changing retreat (and believe me, it won’t just change their lives, it will change yours as well)

Sell OUT Strategy

If the numbers feel impossible, I feel you. The possibility of an empty room is totally freaking you out. You are a savvy business owner who wants to make sound business decisions. That is why you are going to pre-sell, and sell OUT (which is totally doable). We will take a look at your budget, explore your outreach to sponsors, and make sure your price is in alignment with the experience you are offering, so you feel confident that you’ll be making money, not losing it

Your One-of-a-Kind Experience

Maybe the possibility of a room full of people staring awkwardly at each other is totally freaking you out too. If you are going to do this, you want to know you will have an audience of women who will purchase a ticket, show up, engage in the experience, and become your raving fans/continuous clients always ready to jump on pre-sale tickets of your next retreat. We will map out powerful avenues for going from apathetic crickets to vibrantly sold out, including sprinkling magic throughout to make sure your attendees feel like honored guests from the moment they pay to the moment they return home after a transformative retreat experience.

In our pre-session form you will tell me what you are struggling with most (if there is more than one thing we will pick one to focus on) and I will maximize our time together to help get you ready for focused action!

60 minutes via Zoom

Investment - $197

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4. I will be available for up to three follow up emails for the business week following our session, in case you have questions or need clarification.

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"When I walked into the Mindful Mama retreat that Lizzy worked on, I was blown away by the organization! All of the elements were perfect - from the food to the bags, to all the little touches that made it great. With Lizzy's work, the day flowed seemingly effortlessly. It was a joy and a pleasure to be a presenter there and I made lasting connections with clients. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to ask Lizzy for help with an event. She's the master!”

- Hunter Clarke-Fields | Hunter Yoga

Professional, high quality, and heart centered.

"Lizzy is an amazing resource for anyone who is passionate about serving their community. She expertly guides you through the nuts and bolts of planning an event that is the perfect mix of professional, high quality, and heart-centered. Lizzy’s enthusiasm for your success is infectious and will inspire you to create so much more than you previously thought possible. I highly recommend joining Lizzy’s community.”

- Jennifer Lawrence, ATR | creatrix of Mandalas for Mamas

Complimentary Retreat Readiness Chat

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