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The work you are doing is changing lives. You have something beautiful, valuable, and incredibly unique to contribute to this world, and you know it (and I know it too!). You feel passionately about your work, and you want to share it with everyone you possibly can! You yearn for deeper connection with the women who need what you have to offer, those who are on their own soulful journey toward healthy, creative, and conscious living. You know that retreats are an incredibly powerful way to deepen your connection and your impact, and you know you want to host them for your community (and beyond!).

What if I told you that you don't need to take a 24-hour flight and spend 7 days at a retreat in Bali to change lives? You can have an even deeper impact in your local community with women craving connection, support, and transformation. You can plan soulful retreats with passion, purpose, and ease.

It starts with you. It starts right now.

But you just don't know where or how to begin! The details feel overwhelming, and totally not fun at all. You value your sanity and self care, and managing the logistics feels, well, unmanageable. You don't want to be exhausted and burned out. You are doing this work to have more freedom and wholeness in your life, not less! 

Guess what? You don't have to do things the way everyone else is doing them (seriously). You can create soulful retreats that will be transformative for your business and your community, without losing your mind in the process. Your work can ripple beyond your Instagram feed and Facebook page into the lives of real women. You can help them find connection, authentic support, and community through your business and collaborations with others. And as a bonus, it is for you and them!

You are doing this work because your light is so bright you cannot contain it. You have so much to give and share; your work has the power to deeply impact women and families in real, tangible ways.

I want to be with you on this journey toward your first retreat. I can't plan it for you, but I am excited to guide, support, and encourage you every step of the way, sharing almost 2 decades of knowledge and experience. I am so excited to learn about what you are doing, and empower you to push even deeper, and reach even higher.

Come on, my dear. Let's get started!

A little bit about me!

I’ve always been a misfit in a world full of gold pineapples, nautical stripes, and messy-but-not-too-messy top knots. It's just how I roll, and how I landed here doing this really cool work that sets my heart ablaze.

After 12 years in higher education (Student Affairs administration and Women's & Gender Studies faculty), I left my career to parent my children full-time.  As a Higher Ed/Student Affairs professional I wore many hats: professor, supervisor, facilitator, crisis manager, counselor, program developer, and organizer of retreats, trainings & conferences. What I didn’t know when I left that career was that I’d start and grow three successful businesses while parenting two kids two-and-under. From one day women's wellness retreats and a mindful parenting conference that inspire bold living and courageous authenticity, to hand-lettered art prints that connect the words we have in our heads to the space we have in our hearts, my passions found ways to emerge within the fog of new motherhood.

Now, I’m bringing my experience to wellness professionals who yearn to create one-day retreats of their own but have no idea where to start.  

With my professional higher education background and 20+ years of experience in successful heart-centered event planning, I am going to show you how to create meaningful (and profitable!) retreats & workshops that cultivate long-lasting connection to your work and satisfy the cravings of your community.

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