Start Here to GET ORGANIZED!

You’re in the right place if you believe that women are craving in-person connection and support, and you know that offering these experiences can be a valuable (and essential) part of your business model. I am obsessed with helping women entrepreneurs feel empowered to plan their own or collaborative one-day retreats for busy women in their communities who are craving connection, support, and transformation.

I am offering a new vision for retreats that is accessible and doable, and breaking down the process so that you can get started TODAY. I want you to close out the spring with your first successful retreat under your belt, excited about planning your next one for the fall!

Want to know how many people I had on my list when I sold out my first retreat? ZERO. I didn't even HAVE a list yet. If I can create a continuously SOLD OUT retreat series, so can you.

This guide will take you through 10 of the most important aspects of planning a successful (SOLD OUT!) one-day retreat.