Retreat Roadmap Express is a step-by-step process to help you design your successful retreat with ease & simplicity.

You’ve always known that you want to offer retreats and gatherings to your audience. You can feel it in your bones! You see other people doing it, and you know that you can do it too. But the idea of trying to figure out how to actually make it happen has you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. You try to piece together a strategy, but you just don’t feel confident about it. So you put it off for next year — again.

But this is the thing - the women who are going to attend your event don’t need it next year - they need it now. It is time to bring your vision to life. People everywhere are rising up in circles of connection, support, and transformation at retreats, workshops, and gatherings led by brave change makers, just like you.

When we gather together, we find our voices.
When we gather together, our collective energy emboldens us.
When we gather together, magic happens.

Your message has the power to change the world,
one gathering at a time.

Whether you are planning a morning workshop, a one-day retreat, or a weeklong get-away, you know that now is the time - you just need practical how-to guidance, a comprehensive roadmap, and the support of a community to help you get & stay confident.

And that is exactly why I created the 
Retreat Roadmap Express Group Coaching Program.

Retreat Roadmap Express Group Coaching Program is for women who are ready for retreat success. The program will run for an entire month. At the completion of the month (if you participate fully) you will walk away with your unique Retreat Roadmap, a blueprint of your sold out event!


Why learn from me? I have been planning retreats, conferences, trainings, summits - all kinds of gatherings - for over 20 years. My events sell out quickly, and participants return again and again (you can check out some of my events here). This kind of success is YOURS if you want it!

100% of the participants in the Retreat Roadmap Express November 2018 Cohort said that the experience met or exceeded their expectations. 100% said they would recommend it to a friend.

In their words:

“Best money I have spent. Packed with so much value. I would highly recommend. Honestly - Lizzy is a gem and definitely over-delivered beyond expectations.”

“This experience helped me gain clarity, connection, and confidence that I was fully capable of providing a retreat my attendees would benefit from. Lizzy is a gift to the world. Her peace, energy, and encouragement help you push past the fears and doubts that come up in anyone that is developing something new. Anyone that works with her in group or 1:1 coaching will be greatly blessed.”

“Retreat Roadmap Express is one of the best courses I've paid for since launching my business. It was specific to what I needed to learn about and there was no fluff. I know I can do this now.”

“This was a perfect way to commit to offering a retreat because it gave me all the tools that I need to plan it and to feel confident that I can do it and I will do it.”

Retreat Roadmap Express Group Coaching Program includes:

  • Private pop up Facebook group with two weekly live sessions and Q&A threads, including one live training and one live coaching call

  • 4 Weekly Modules to help you design your own unique Retreat Roadmap:

    • Foundation: Outline your beautiful vision, identify your transformational outcomes, and get excited about your budget (seriously).

    • Logistics: Because the nuts & bolts are what keep it all together!

    • Designing The Experience: Everything you need to provide a powerful customer journey, from the moment they are interested, through their attendance at the event, and beyond!

    • Marketing Plan/Community Building: Because people coming to this thing is the point, right?

  • Personalized, targeted support in a group setting

  • Community connection and support from fellow soulful Brave Gatherers

  • Checklists, homework, worksheets, sample documents, done-for-you strategy, personal Q&A, Lizzy-style cheerleading, decision-making support, and more (like snail mail, of course)!

The Retreat Roadmap Express Group Coaching Program is for you if:

  • You are looking for an opportunity to be guided through the process of creating your one-of-a-kind Retreat Roadmap with the support of peers on a similar journey.

  • You are looking for insight, ideas, and must-have strategies for creating a meaningful, profitable, intimate event that resonates with your audience, elevates your business, and makes you proud of your impact.

  • You are currently in the middle of planning a retreat or gathering.

  • You are considering planning a retreat or gathering.

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