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A Mini-Course designed to take you from retreat-less to retreat-ready in just 5 days!

You have a retreat vision pinned to your 2019 dream board. You know deep in your gut that you're meant to gather women together, you just don't know how it is all going to happen. You feel kinda (super) overwhelmed by all the moving parts, and it feels safe to keep your retreat idea pinned for some point in the (faraway) future when you feel more ready, right?

But wouldn't it be #thebombdotcom if you could Get Retreat Ready in 5 Days?

Go ahead, pucker those lips, shimmy those shoulders, and repin that retreat vision from 2019 to #rightnow, because this is happening!

Cue the cheering GIFs: You are about to get #retreatready.

5 days of video trainings, a community of high-five-loving retreat-planning sisters, and a 13-page workbook to keep you organized and on track (and because workbooks are awesome).

"I knew that I was ready to host a retreat but with a lot going on, getting the details down and getting clear on the why was eluding me. As a result of the Rise Up With Retreats Course, I announced my retreat, planned the schedule for the day, reached out to a location and caterer so I can get a date set! I would recommend it especially for people who know they want to plan a retreat and need a little nudge towards action because it will get you thinking and moving!"
- Xandra O'Neill, Sacred Becoming
"The Rise Up With Retreats Course has supported me to feel clear in my vision to create local workshops. Each day I felt guided and inspired to flesh out the details and transform the vision into a plan. Thank you, Lizzy!" - Kerry Ingram, Mothering Arts

"Before the Rise Up With Retreats Course I had been contemplating doing retreats but found limited help out there. I really felt that Lizzy supported me and cared about me and the other participants. I have a plan now and know that this is something that I can really do where as before it was just an idea floating around in my head.
- Elle Le Blanc, Lady L 411
“I definitely needed this to kickstart something amazing I've been dreaming of offering. Now I have the solid groundwork necessary to put the pieces together. Rise Up With Retreats Course makes it really manageable for someone thinking about planning their first retreat to get started!"
– Nicole Snyder, LIV With All Your Heart

You're ready to gather people and share your message.

You're ready to deepen your impact and elevate your business.

You're ready to Rise Up With Retreats. 

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Buy Rise Up With Retreats today for only $47 (whaaat?!) and receive the Creative Locations Bonus Worksheet free!