Let's Change the World.

I'm just going to jump right in on this one and I've got to warn you - I am going to get deep (it's just how I roll).

Becoming your authentic self in a culture that has very strict notions of who we “should be” is really, really hard. We slash and silence ourselves, we buy shiny shit we don’t need to fill invisible holes that we have been told that we have. We think our pain and fear means we are broken, when it just means that we are human. We fear revealing our flawed selves to each other with shame, and then we project our shame onto each other by policing and silencing each other (especially the brave ones). We make ourselves small because we are told that we cannot take up space. We run around in busy-ness and aren’t really living fully alive in our own lives. But it doesn't have to be this way.

I know it and you know it – women are the love revolution. We are rising up in conscious connection and support of each other on this life journey. We can and are changing the world, and it starts in small, intimate communities led by soulful, heart-centered, wellness and creative entrepreneurs who are passionate about changing people's lives, empowering them to explore, heal, change, grow, and unfold into their most authentically beautiful selves.

You are one of those change makers. You are longing for deeper connection and an uplifting sense of belonging, the kind that comes from a warm hug, a brave conversation, and an engaged community connected to your work. You want to get out from behind these blinding screens and sit with your community on cozy couches, around blazing fires, in circles of laughter and support. You want to hold real space for women to explore, heal, and transform. You have something beautiful, valuable, and incredibly unique to contribute to this world, and you know it (and I know it too!). You feel passionately about your work, and you want to share it with everyone you possibly can! You yearn to really impact the women who need what you have to offer, those who are on their own soulful journey toward healthy, abundant, and conscious living. You know that retreats are an incredibly powerful way to do all of this, and you know you want to host them for your community (and beyond!). And you want to do it without losing your mind (or money)!

Let's break the mold for what retreats are "supposed to be like" and offer a more attainable and community-conscious perspective. Retreats are for every body. You don't need to take a 24-hour flight and spend 7 days (and a few thousand dollars) at a retreat in Bali to change lives, ok? Some of the most powerful retreats are the ones that happen in our local/regional communities with women craving connection, support, & transformation, right now. You can plan soulful retreats with passion, purpose, and ease. You don't need to be or have anything but the drive to make a difference in people's lives.

I think I might know why you're hesitant. You don’t have a huge community of people; building your tribe is one of the reasons you want to start creating events in the first place, right?! I need you to hear me when I say this --- retreats are not just for the well-established; they are also for the just-getting-started.⠀

Live events are not something to consider for the future. Live events are something to start working toward RIGHT NOW. Everywhere you look, the top creative & wellness entrepreneurs (& so many others!) are prioritizing in-person gatherings as an essential aspect of their business model. But live event planning isn't just for the big leagues. In fact, it can be even more meaningful & profitable for small one-person businesses, transforming you from an anonymous face in a crowded marketplace, to a leader in your industry & community. Imagine if you started now, you'd close out spring 2017 celebrating the success of your first beautiful retreat, excited to plan your next one, & wondering why the heck you waited so long to start. ;)⠀

This is important work. YOU are doing life changing work, and I want you to feel confident and supported in offering retreat experiences as a part of your journey.

That's what Retreat Roadmap is all about.

The love revolution. It starts with you. It starts right now.

Let’s change the world.

XOXO Lizzy

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